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Baby Signs® Complete Starter Kit

The Baby Signs® Complete Starter Kit

...has everything parents and their babies need for a successful start to signing fun. The kit contains:

Price: $39.95

  • Parent Guide to the Baby Signs® Program - an illustrated step-by-step guide for parents and caregivers.  5.5" x 8.5" perfect bound soft cover, 80 pages.
  • Parent DVD with an introduction to the Baby Signs® Program.  Also includes Video Dictionary with real-life demonstrations of the 100 signs that are most useful to babies.  
  • My Favorite Signs DVD for babies introduces 6 fun signs through animation, puppets and delightful signing babies. 
  • Signs at a Glance Flipper that features 86 signs in a unique flip-card reference with magnetic backing. 
  • Baby Signs® Board Books Each 14-page 4" x 4" book shows 6 signs and a review page that encourages more interaction:  My Mealtime Signs, My Bedtime Signs, My Bath Time Signs, and My Pets Signs