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Complete Starter Kit
Spanish Edition

Signing with your baby is easy and fun. Research shows that using sign language with hearing babies helps them learn to talk sooner than babies who don't sign. In addition, signing positively impacts cognitive and social-emotional development. The Complete Starter Kit was developed by child development experts, Dr. Linda Acredolo and and Dr. Susan Goodwyn and contains the following items:

Price: $39.95

  • Baby Signs Favorites DVD
    This full-length DVD for babies teaches six easy starter signs: Dog, Cat, Book, Hat, Duck and All Done.
  • Parent DVD with introduction from the authors and Video Dictionary with real-life demonstrations of 100 signs.
  • Parent Guide
    This 80-page guide provides step-by-step directions for signing families.(Soft cover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches)
  • Signs at a Glance Flip Guide
    Quickly find a sign with this unique flip guide. Includes 86 sign illustrations and 14 useful signing tips. (Magnetic backing, 3.75 x 7.75 inches)
  • 4 Chunky Board Books
    Four 4x4" board books, 14-pages each, teach the following signs:
    My Mealtime Signs (Eat, Drink, More, Milk, Cereal, Bib, All Done)
    My Bedtime Signs (Stars, Moon, Book, Light, Sleep, Love)
    My Bath Time Signs (Bath, Bubbles, Water, Toothbrush, Frog, Duck)
    My Pets Signs (Cat, Dog, Bird, Bunny, Fish, Turtle)