Baby Signs® Products

Price: $250.00

The Baby Signs Classroom Kit is a must-have for every early childhood classroom or center using the Baby Signs Program. This special collection provides resources for teachers, babies and parents:

  • BeeBo the Baby Signs Bear This huggable teddy bear is the perfect teaching tool for story time, circle time or pretend play.

    You will receive one of each of our Spanish Inclusive board books. These four books are:
  • Baby Signs Favorites Board Book Teaches the signs for: Mommy (mamá), Love (amor), Daddy (papá), Ball (pelota), Baby (bebé), Hat (sombrero), Phone (teléfono), Hot (caliente), Outside (salir) and Flower (flor).

  • Time To Eat! Board Book Teaches the signs for: Eat (comer), Drink (beber), More (más), Milk (leche), Cereal (cereal), Cheese (queso), Cracker (galleta), Please (por favor), Thank You (gracias) and All Done (se acabó).

  • Baby Signs Animals Board Book Teaches the signs for: Cat (gato), Dog (perro), Bird (pájaro), Monkey (mono), Horse (caballo), Bunny (conejo), Frog (rana), Duck (pato), Turtle (tortuga) and Fish (pez).

  • Time To Sleep! Board Book Teaches the signs for: Stars (estrellas), Moon (luna), Toothbrush (cepillo de dientes), Bath (baño), Potty (ir al baño), Quiet (callado), Blanket (cobija), Book (libro), Light (luz) and Sleep (dormir).
  • Signs at a Glance Flip Guide: English This handy flip guide with magnetic backing puts 86 signs at your fingertips.

  • Higgeldy-Piggeldy, Bobbledy-Boop! Music CD with 16 sign-along songs for circle time.

  • If You're Happy and You Know It Music CD with 12 sign-along songs for circle time.

  • Set of 37 Concept Flash Cards that teach signs for Mealtime, Bedtime, Bath Time, Getting Dressed, Pets and Park.

  • My Park Signs DVD that teaches babies the signs for Ball, Butterfly, Slide, Flower, Tree and Swing.

  • Welcome to the Baby Signs Program DVD. This DVD features an introduction by the founders, stories about signing babies, and the Baby Signs Video Dictionary with real-life demonstrations of 100 useful signs. See clip.

  • Set of 10 Quick Reference Guides. These handy laminated tri-fold cards show 67 illustrated signs and Ten Steps to Baby Signs Success. Great for teachers and parents.

  • Classroom Resources CD includes printable Baby Signs resources for teachers, parents and babies such as classroom posters, parent newsletters and more.